Stone Consultancy Testimonials

Highland Lodge, Scotland

Graham Goldthorpe’s industry knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication were the essential human ingredients driving the stone production phase of the building programme. To assist me in the initial decision making, Graham guided me through the complete production process from the quarrying of raw materials to the delivery of the finished stone. We visited various completed buildings together so that I could evaluate the pros and cons of different stone finishes and the weathering effects upon them, and we discussed in depth the characteristics of the stone and whether it was capable of being cut into the complex forms inherent in my overall design. Some intricate pieces nudged the boundary of what was achievable, but Graham’s steadfastness always overcame any technical obstacles. His involvement in the early stages of the project was invaluable; he embraced the combination of complexity and simplicity required to achieve a magnificent end product.

Based on my own building experiences I am happy to recommend Graham’s appointment as stone consultant to both large and small projects. I am confident that his personal skills and deep knowledge of natural stone will be a valuable asset to any building programme.