The Graham Goldthorpe Consultancy aims to spread the ‘stone message’
far and wide,
to encourage the use and specification of this unique building material in future years.

Stone Consultancy For the Stone Supplier / Quarry

Stone suppliers vary from small and large scale operations who generally quarry, process and manufacture their own stones, right through to specification specialists, in both the cladding and hard landscaping fields, who source many types of natural stone through their worldwide contacts. Graham Goldthorpe, stone consultants can assist all types of organisations in the following areas.

Stone Supplier / Quarry Consultancy Services;

• Promotion and stone specification work (commission based)
• Full taking-off service & preparation of bills of approx. quantities
• Supply pricing / quotations
• Drawings, cutting sheets and templates (including 3D modelling)
• Workshop health & safety guidance
• Stone cutting machinery advice & procurement
• Troubleshooting – workshop production & masonry work