The Graham Goldthorpe Consultancy aims to spread the ‘stone message’
far and wide,
to encourage the use and specification of this unique building material in future years.

Stone Consultancy For the PQS / Cost Consultant

Invariably once the stone is selected and specified one of the first questions a client asks is ‘what is all this stone going to cost me.’ An easy question but not as easy to answer as some might think. It takes considerable skill and experience to ascertain a meaningful and accurate cost, and these can only be achieved when the design is properly finalised and stone choices and finishes have been made. Graham Goldthorpe specialises in providing professional assistance to the cost planning team to establish accurate costs for all the stonework elements, whether it be a supply only package or a comprehensive design, supply and installation figure, including stainless steel fixings and the masonry support system etc. This may extend to a variety of different stones for both external and internal use, in several applications, utilising different fixing methods e.g. walling, ashlar cladding, traditional masonry, internal stairs, wall cladding and flooring. Traditional bills of quantities still have an important part to play in ascertaining final costs and providing a level playing field upon which prospective contractors can bid, allowing same-format comparisons by the PQS.

Cost Planning

• Employer’s requirement
• Bills of quantities
• Schedule of works
• NBS Specification

Cost Analysis

• Stone supply & delivery costs
• Supply & installation costs
• Value engineering options
• Dayworks

• Variations
• Post contract final account statement / negotiations