The Graham Goldthorpe Consultancy aims to spread the ‘stone message’
far and wide,
to encourage the use and specification of this unique building material in future years.

Stone Consultancy For Concerned Construction Professionals and Private Clients

Unfortunately, given the complexity of natural stone selection, specification and design, if a job is placed in the wrong hands or there has been a lack of diligence, failures can often occur. Needless to say this can lead to costly disputes invariably requiring full replacement of the defective stonework and /or fixing system. We offer independent advice as appropriate, using our experience and knowledge of stone and its correct application to provide answers to how and why the problem occurred and the best solutions available to deal with it.

Concerned Parties Services

• Failed stonework – investigation, inspection and reports
(floors and wall cladding / masonry)
• Inspection of newly constructed stonework to ensure specification compliance
• Independent expert witness reports
• All consultancy activities are backed up by comprehensive Professional Indemnity
Insurance cover.